Short Term Storage Rental

12.5.2016 | 13:26

Moves don’t always work out the way we want them to. Sometimes, people wind up having to move in somewhere else temporarily. For example, if you’re building a new house, you may need to temporarily move in with family members while you wait for your home to be completed.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you’re going to need to find a way to store some of your possessions. Thankfully, there are a lot of great storage solutions out there.inside a Gold Coast storage facility

Keep these tips in mind as you work to find a short-term storage rental:

Get Recommendations

Most people have had to put some things in storage at one time or another. Talk to the people you know and see if anyone can recommend a storage facility to you. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable storing your things somewhere if it’s been recommended by someone you trust.

Read Online Reviews

If you’re considering a few different storage facilities, take the time to read reviews for all of them. There are all kinds of sites that let people review local businesses, and you should be able to find detailed reviews from all of the storage places that you’re considering.

When you look at reviews, make sure you read the text. It will contain more important information than the scores will. Try to find reviews from people who are in a situation that is similar to yours. Some facilities are great for long-term storage, but not so great for short-term storage.

Shop Around

You don’t have to use a storage facility just because you’ve talked to the staff. Take your time, shop around, and work to find a great deal. You may be able to save yourself a lot of money.

Try To Find Discounts

There are usually ways you can save additional money when you rent a storage facility. For example, you might be able to get a discount if you pay for several months in advance. See what kind of savings are available. You might miss out on a discount if you don’t ask about it.

If you’re looking for a short-term storage rental, you should be able to find something that more than meets your needs. Take a good look at the self-storage facilities in your area and decide which one you’d most like to work with.

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Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspections

8.4.2015 | 21:21

Whether you are purchasing a home as your primary residence or adding an investment property to your portfolio, the need to take precautions and do your due diligence is always necessary. In countries like Australia, where a large percentage of homes sold show some type of structural building issue, the importance of being safe cannot be stressed enough. After looking over a home and possibly even falling in love with everything about it, highlights a common scenario that lets some people slide in their decisions, allowing emotion to cloud their judgment. This is especially when one should be more careful and always get a pre-purchase inspection prior to doing anything drastic. Buying a home is a big decision so treat it that way.

The Importance Of Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspections

If you’re an investor and really know the local marketplace you are buying in, factoring in all the possible scenarios and knowing the values does put you at an advantage over just the casual buyer. That being said, even then you should still invest in a pre-purchase inspection since it will put you in the advantageous position of really knowing the property well. The modest investment you put in will pay many dividends later.

So what is the most obvious benefit here? A skilled inspector will thoroughly check the interior and exterior of the building, the subfloors that are easily accessible, the roof and attic, the garage structure and the surrounding fences or walls. The primary things they’d be looking for are the presence of any obvious and not so obvious defects in the building structure. Uncover if there are hidden cracks in the walls while also testing for the presence of asbestos. Electrical and plumbing are checked for obvious damage (not in detail though so be aware of this), but an inspector will dig into any drainage problems.

Noting if there are any dampness issues and the operation of ventilation systems are carefully examined. The conditions of the windows, carpets, and floors are all jotted down as well. Any areas that are not easily accessed are not inspected in a general package but other options like thermal imaging inspection can be added to see things one normally can’t.

A good option is to also add on pest inspection since this can adversely affect the value if an infestation of any kind is discovered. Wood rot and the presence of termites are particularly damaging so must be handled before anything else.

It should be obvious about the value of having a pre-inspection of a home. The comprehensive report will allow you to make an informed decision as well as have a great bargaining tool with the seller. Don’t purchase a home without one!

Sub-surface Surveying With Ground Penetrating Radar

30.10.2014 | 20:20

What You Should Know About Sub-surface Surveying With Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is something that companies use in order to locate buried objects and detect their precise location at the fastest time possible. There are a lot of uses for ground penetrating radar, however, it’s mostly used for cables, and pipes. While the technology for ground penetrating radar is complicated, you can think of it in very simple terms  it’s a GPS for the underground.

GPR can be utilized on different surfaces, including the ground, stone, ice, fresh water, sidewalks, and construction sites. It can find lost items, track changes in the substance of the subsurface, and detect voids and cracks. GPR uses high frequency (normally polarized) radio waves that blast to the bottom. When the waves hit the border of a buried object or an anomalous surface, the receiving antenna records the variations.

While the technology for ground penetrating radar is accurate, it’s not without its limits. The electric conductivity of the earth, the transmitted center frequency as well as the radiated power limits the depth range. As conductivity rises, the penetration depth falls. That is due to the fact that the electromagnetic energy is rapidly turned into heat, causing a decrease in signal strength.

Higher frequencies don’t penetrate as far as frequencies that are lower but broadcast better reception. The maximum depth penetration for ice is several meters. Also, great penetration is possible in dry sandy soils or substantial dry substances like concrete, limestone, and granite where the depth could be up to 15 meters or 49 feet. In damp soils, clay material, and soils with high electric conductivity, penetration is only possible for up to several centimeters.

ATLG Brisbane ground-penetrating radar antennas are usually used for the most powerful signal strength; yet, GPR atmosphere-launched antennas are also used.

Aside from locating objects, GPR is also used in the Earth sciences. It can be used to analyze groundwater, soils, bedrock, and ice.

It also has engineering uses, including nondestructive testing of pavements and structures, finding buried utility lines and structures, and analyzing bedrock and soils. It can also be used for finding underground graves. The military uses the technology in order to detect unexploded mines and tunnels.

In mining, borehole radars using GPR are employed to plan the arrangements from a borehole in underground mining. Modern directional borehole radar systems can generate three-dimensional pictures from measurements within a borehole.

GPR can also create 3D subterranean pictures of power conduits, sewage, and water mains. This technology is usually called PAT, or Pipe Avoiding Tool.

In archaeology, is used to discover and map subsurface archaeological artifacts, and patterning. GPR can reveal a crypt the in a historical graveyard.

As we said before, GPR is not without its limits. It’s highly limited in capability when used in clay soils and similar surfaces. Another disadvantage of GPR is that it consumes a lot of energy. But these disadvantages do not discount the fact that GPR is highly useful in other situation.