SEO In 2017: Top Tips For Businesses

3.3.2017 | 11:03

Search engine algorithms have been known to change frequently and unpredictably, making the field of SEO highly volatile. To ensure that you stay ahead of the competition, it is recommended that you stay abreast of the top predicted trends.

Here are the top tips to keep your business ahead in 2017, as far as SEO is concerned.

Local SEO

Local SEO has emerged as one of the top ways businesses can use to attract customers online. In 2017, make sure that you revisit your entity’s local SEO strategy. If you haven’t registered your business with influential online directories, this is the time to do it. You can use free online utilities to check whether your business is already registered so that you can claim it.

If you had registered your business with online directories, it’s time to revisit and enrich the listing. Update the information to ensure consistency and accuracy. Additionally, you can use images and other listing information to make the listing more informative. This helps search engines see the business as a real and operational entity.

Take Another Look At Your Content

It has been said time and time again that content is king; this will continue to be the case in 2017. Before you start making new content, it is best that you start by looking at your past content. Which posts attracted the most views? Which keywords had the most success in directing internet users to your site?

Take the time to answer these questions, as they show you what visitors found to be relevant. Once you have identified these posts and keywords, try to find ways of reworking the content so as to provide the most relevant and enriching answers for your visitors.

Making your content richer, stronger and varied, by including videos and images, further works to cater to user needs.

Images For Links

Backlinks usually play an important role in establishing your place in search engine result pages. It is true that building backlinks can be quite tedious and time-consuming. However, there’s a way you can make things easy on yourself; crafting relevant and shareable images.

When answering user questions through content, you should look for creative, but simplified ways of expressing information in image form. This way, internet users and other websites can share or use these images. You can then contact the websites and ask for credit links on the images they use from your site.

Here you can use Google Image Search to find the people using your images online.

Voice Search

The mobile revolution is on, as evidenced by the resounding use of mobile devices to find what we want online as opposed to the traditional use of desktop computers. This has also increased the use of the latest apps including voice command. Virtual assistant services such as Google Now, Cortana and Siri have also become highly popular.

All this has made it vital for businesses to optimize for voice search. The main difference between regular typed keyword search and voice search is the fact that users use a conversational tone when using their voice. You can take advantage of this and attract traffic by having a frequently asked questions section on product and service pages on your website.

Featured Content

When using Google, we are seeing a variety of featured content on the first page of their search engine result pages. Commonly featured content includes Rich Answers/Referenced Snippets, Related questions and Featured Videos and Images. Optimizing for these variations of featured content also enhances your website’s visibility in SERPS.

Implementing the above tips will definitely have a positive effect on your current SEO strategy.

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